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Wondering what that charming actor/writer/stylish creative Elisabeth Del Toro has been up to of late? You're in the right place to find out!

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If you have any (non-strike qualifying) projects you think I might be a good fit for, please get in touch! I've got plenty of time and only good ideas.

About Me

Oh, that intro was not enough for you? You want an evergreen blurb that stays relevant as gigs come and go? I'm Elisabeth, and this is what I look like on a good day in flattering lighting and also with the help of a makeup artist.

"Wow, she could be cast as anything," you might be thinking. A terminally ill young mom who still has a zest for life, a smooth talkin' all-business detective, a date for any of your season regulars who need a date when you run out of other plot to do... Hell, I'm not above playing a teen. I dare you, cast me as a teen! Some of them have frown lines now, because of climate change!

As an actor (represented by Grossman and Jack Talent, proud SAG-AFTRA member), I love generating and performing new work. I am especially passionate about character driven pieces, contemporary themes, mixed media exploration, and projects with as much music as possible. Also, I luv 2 laugh! Basically, if your project is cool or exciting, I'm interested. But also, if your project is profoundly boring and you have a really high budget for actors... I'm also interested ๐Ÿ˜

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Here's my reel!

Here's my voiceover reel!


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Contact the very nice folks at Grossman & Jack Talent at (312) 587-1155, or send me an email below. And hey, thanks!

A Note About How To Cast Me

I am Cuban American! I love speaking Spanish, celebrating my heritage, and being Latina! However, you may have noticed, I am also white. If your script has a character subject to racist discrimination, or calls explicitly for a person of color, please understand that I am not the right Latina for telling that story. Hop into my DMs and I will be happy to connect you with another actress who might be a better fit ๐Ÿ’•